Referee Info

Grade 8 clinics are scheduled for Saturday August 24th at Shady Shores Elementary – minimum age 13. This level of a referee can work up to Under-16 games as either a referee or an assistant referee. The age level of game one will work will depend on the referees age. The Grade 8 Entry level clinic includes an online session that is critical to their success as a new referee. The online portion is done prior to the date of the classroom session. The classroom session is eight hours.
Info or register by contacting:
Wendell Henson
Director of Officials

LCSA Referee Pay Scale

Age Ctr AR1 AR2
U5  $15.00 N/A N/A
U6  $15.00 N/A N/A
U7  $18.00 N/A N/A
U8  $18.00 N/A N/A
U9  $23.00  $16.00  $16.00
U10  $23.00  $16.00  $16.00
U11  $32.00  $22.00  $22.00
U12  $32.00  $22.00  $22.00
U13  $38.00  $26.00  $26.00
U14  $38.00  $26.00  $26.00
U15  $55.00  $35.00  $35.00
U16  $55.00  $35.00  $35.00
U17  $55.00  $35.00  $35.00
U18  $55.00  $35.00  $35.00
U19  $55.00  $35.00  $35.00

Join LCSA in Game Official

  • Launch your favorite browser
  • Navigate to
  • Login
  • Change Identity to “Official” if required
  • Click “My Assignors” in the Personal Info section on upper left hand side of page
  • Click “Show” in the “Join New Group” section
  • Enter “1379″ in the Group/Assignor Number textbox
  • Enter “1379″ in the Group Access Code textbox
  • Click “Join Group” button

Setup GoPay


  • Tell us when you want to work.  If all available referees are assigned games and you do not have your time blocked, assignors may assign you to a game.  If you are not available, just let the assignor know.  If you can work the game, accept it but also update your availability so we know when else you are available.
  • View Availability info
  • Click here to visit the YouTube tutorial