Lake Cities Soccer Association



LC United


We are a club in the truest sense of the word.  We get together for a common purpose – to teach kids the love of the game, how to get better at it, and how to win when winning is important. No one owns our club.  

We are purposefully NOT FOR PROFIT because our aim is to provide this opportunity to young athletes from ALL economic circumstances, and a pathway to the highest levels of youth soccer and beyond at the lowest possible cost for all of our players.  It takes passionate people to do this.  People with a purpose that extends beyond themselves.  These are the kind of people we look for to work at this club at every level, these are the kind of people we want to join this club, and most importantly, these are exactly the kind of people we want our players to become.      

We coach our kids in highly collaborative, player-centered ways to the highest levels.  We use the lessons we teach them about soccer as a means to also teach them about life itself, how to be a resilient person with good character, and how that can translate to winning on the field as well.  That is how we are Building a Different Type of Player.   We take pride in our Family.  Just like a real family, we aren’t always perfect, we don’t always make the right decisions, but we love our kids, and we always want the best for them, in soccer and in life.   

All of this and more is what we call Making a Difference, and we are striving to make that difference every day in everything we do.      

If Making a Difference sounds good to you, then join LC United

Much like other associations in North Texas, we are striving to improve the development and overall experience of each child within our program. What has been discovered is that by doing so, the overall experience of every child is improved. Recreational soccer should remain FUN while allowing those children that are developing faster a venue to enhance those skills, but not take on the demands of a total performance-based program at a younger age.  Learn More About LC United