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Referee Availability

General Information

The default mode (Single-Month) of entry has a single Calendar month displayed at a time. If you would like to use the more advanced mode (Multi-Month), you can switch back and forth at any time using the link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can navigate from month-to-month by clicking the “Next” or “Prev” links or by selecting a month out of the pull-down menu underneath the calendars.

Colors – Dates before today are not marked with availability information because previous block information is not used in the system. Any date on or after today will show one of the colors above or will be grayish/blue in color to indicate that no entry exists for that day.

Game Dates – Any dates that have games currently scheduled will be highlighted with a blue border. These are the dates that you should enter availability for. Filling in information for other dates is only useful if additional games are added to the system on those dates.

Clicking Dates – If you click a date on one of the calendars and the availability form is not visible, the form will open and the Start and End dates will be populated with the date you clicked.

Cancel Entry – While adding or editing an entry, click the (X) or the Cancel button to close the entry form.
Entry Form
The Maintenance Form is the place you enter dates that you are available or not available. If there are multiple times when you are available or not available on a single day, you can simply add multiple entries for that day with different times for each.

Available / Not Available – If you are not available during the block of time you are entering, make sure the “Not Available” option is selected. If you are available, make sure the “Available” option is selected.

Dates – To populate the Start and End Date, you can type in a date, click a date on the main calendar, or click the small calendar icon next to the date field and select a date from the popup calendar window. (Dates must be entered as m/d/yyyy. ex. 9/11/2004)

Times – You can type in a time or click the “All Day” checkbox to automatically fill in the Start and End Time if the block of time applies to the entire day. If the “All Day” checkbox is checked, you can not manually edit the Start or End Times. Uncheck “All Day” to edit the times yourself. (Times must be entered as HH:MM. ex. 12:30)

Applies To – If you are a member of several groups, you will need to select the Groups that the availability entry applies to. This gives you the ability to show availability for all assignors at once, or the ability to show availability to a specific group and not the others.

Occurs (Advanced Only) – If you have a set schedule and you want to enter availability for a regular weekly time slot, you can fill out the availability form as usual, then select “Every Week” or “Every Other Week” in the Occurs box and then select the number of weeks it applies to. This will automatically enter multiple copies of the availability entry you are creating.

Notes (Advanced Only) – If you want to insert a short note (40 characters or less), you may do so. This can be used to remind yourself or your assignor of why an entry is blocked (for example: “Out of town”) or to give the assignor special information for a particular Available or Not Available entry.

*Spanning Multiple Dates (Advanced Only) – If you want to say that you are available or unavailable for the same block of time for several days in a row, you can do this in one step as follows:

  • Check the Advanced Entry check box
  • Enter the Start Date and End Date,
  • Uncheck the Time Entry check box,
  • Enter the Start Time and End Time
  • Complete any other options
  • Click SAVE

The method above will add an entry from the Start Time until the End Time for each day from the Start Date to the End Date. If this is a recurring pattern, you can also use the “Occurs” feature described above to repeat this pattern over several weeks.

Existing Availability Entries

  • The Existing Availability section shows all of your current availability for the calendars that are displayed. If you are in Single Month mode, you will see entries for that month. If you are in Multi-Month mode, you will see entries for all three months. Entries prior to today (8/21/14) will not be displayed.
  • Delete – If you need to delete an entry, you can click the “DEL” link to the left of the entry. If deleting a recurring entry, you will have the option to delete the entire series or a single entry.
  • Copy – Once you have added an entry, you can copy the details of that entry and make minor changes to the Dates, Times, Type, or Notes by clicking the “Copy” link to the left of the entry.
  • Edit – Once you have added an entry, you can edit the information by clicking the “Edit” link to the left of the entry. You can not change the Date of a recurring entry but you can change any of the other details. When editing a recurring entry, you will have the option to delete the entire series or a single entry.

Batch Availability Options

  • Several options are available to Batch Copy or Delete entries from your various groups. If you are added to a new group and would like to copy availability that you have already entered to your new group, you can use the Batch Copy function. You can also choose to delete all Availability from a single Group or all Groups.
  • Batch Copy – If you have several availability entries in the system for a Group and you want to copy ALL of the entries to another Group without having to edit each individual entry, you can use the Batch Copy function. Simply select the Group you want to copy From in the first select box and select the Group you want to copy To in the second select box. When you click Copy, the system will copy all future entries from the From Group into the To Group.
  • Note: This does not remove any existing entries from the To Group before copying so you may end up with conflicting Availability entries depending on what is already in the To Group. If you want to create an exact copy, delete all entries from the To Group using the Batch Delete function.
  • Batch Delete – If you want to delete all entries from a single Group or all Groups, simply select the appropriate option from the select box and click the Delete button. This will delete all future entries from the Group you selected. There is no way to undo this action so be sure you understand it before using it!