Lake Cities Soccer Association




Corinth – Open – 3/26/2023 – 7:00 am

Lake Dallas – Open – 3/26/2023 – 7:00 am


Lake Cities Soccer Association (LCSA) recruits its own referees and assistant referees. They are trained and licensed by the United States Soccer Federation. LCSA games are played under FIFA rules that have been modified by LCSA. The referees and assistant referees are trained in these modifications as well. Only LCSA Board approved modifications are allowed. Neither coaches nor age group commissioners are allowed to make further modifications.

The referees’ major responsibility is to maintain control of the game. The assistant referees assist the referee in this responsibility. This extends to control of coaches and spectators as well as players.
In soccer, referees are given greater discretionary leeway in making “judgment” calls than in most other sports. This leeway is often misunderstood by players, coaches and spectators alike. Players and spectators sometimes will question a referee’s calls, particularly in a closely contested game, and feel strongly enough to want to lodge a complaint with LCSA against the referee. The vast majority of these complaints revolve around “judgment calls,” in which the referee’s judgment or opinion will always prevail.

LCSA is interested, however, in knowing about those situations where a coach feels that a referee’s behavior was inappropriate during play, or when a coach feels that officiating has become inconsistent. LCSA provides each coach a “Game Report” for each game of the season. LCSA encourages all coaches to complete the card and submit it in for every game of the season. The only way our Director of Referees can see a problem pattern of one referee is to read it consistently in the Game Report. Obtain the referee and assistant referees’ names PRIOR to the game, not after. If you mail one card in all season with a complaint about a referee it will carry less weight than if you were diligent in sending your cards in all season. It is the best way to improve your referees.

In the past, mistreatment of referees by coaches and spectators in particular, has made retention of good referees difficult. The best referees tend to be those with the most experience. Thus, it is necessary that LCSA referees receive the respect they are due. No comment or complaint regarding officiating should be addressed to the referee. Such comments or complaints should be addressed to the Director of Referees. LCSA officials, who are certified referees or referee instructors, will be responsible for additional training. In addition, LCSA officials are constantly out at the fields monitoring and evaluating our referees.

LCSA provides certified assistant referees in older age groups based on availability. Where certified assistant referees are not available, LCSA uses club, or volunteer, assistant referees who have responsibility for noting only in and out of touch.