Lake Cities Soccer Association




Spectator Placement



These Protocols change often. Next scheduled update is on or around 9/8/2020.

In order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and keep our environment safe for all participants and spectators the following protocols are now in place until further notice.

Every player participating in the LCSA/GLASA is required electronically sign our LCSA Safety Protocols and Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Waiver when they registered. 

Our staff are following proper pre-screening protocols prior to attending our events. It is your responsibility to make sure that your player and any spectators do not attend our events if they are exhibiting any symptoms related to Covid-19. This includes but is not limited to a fever of 99 degrees or above, shortness of breath or cough. If you or anyone on your team has been exposed to Covid-19, please do not attend our events for 14 days.




Soccer is finally here and as we begin playing games this weekend, Lake Cities Soccer Association (LCSA) would like to provide you with our game day guidelines in accordance with CDC’s recommendations and in partnership with other city and partner organizations.  All participants and parents in a LCSA sponsored event will be required to abide by the following guidelines to assure the health and safety of all participants and staff.


  • If you or any member of your immediate family are or suspect might be sick, please stay home and do not expose yourself or child to others and do not attend practices, camps or games.
  • Please avoid carpooling to games and practices whenever possible.
  • Players should place all water and personal equipment at least six feet from others equipment.
  • Spectators are allowed at games but you must remain at least six feet from other families. Please limit all non-essential spectators.  The fewer people on the sideline, the better.  Please bring only immediate family members, if possible.
  • Please arrive at the location just in time for activities to begin and leave immediately after they complete to avoid congregating and vacate the facility to allow the next participants access with as little interaction as possible.
  • All families and players must remain at least 10 feet from the touch lines where the Assistant Referees are working to allow a six-foot separation from the Referee.



  • Please arrive at the field no earlier than 15 minutes prior to game time and leave immediately after your game is complete. LCSA has scheduled additional time between games to allow for distancing during complex entrance and exiting.
  • EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK when entering or exiting the complex, traveling to the restrooms or concession stands or traveling between fields. Spectators and non-playing players are encouraged to continue wearing masks even when social distancing on the sidelines.
  • We ask that the home team players and parents set up on one side of the field while the away team player and parents set up on the opposite side.
  • Players and Referees and not required to wear a mask while playing or working while on the field of play.
  • Please refrain for any huddles, high fives, fist bumps.



With guidance from the local counties and health officials the following procedure will be utilized during the fall 2020 season regarding potentially infected players.

  • If a player receives a positive COVID test or show known symptoms during the season, the coach should notify LCSA regarding the situation as well as notifying their team. LCSA will notify any recent opponent that a positive test was received so the parents can watch for any signs of illness.  The positive testing player should quarantine and not take part in team activities for a minimum of 14 days without symptoms or until a negative test is received.
  • If a second player on the same team tests positive the same procedure will be followed as the first positive test.
  • If a third player tests positive, it will be considered an outbreak and the team will have any games for the next 14 days or longer postponed or cancelled until such a time as the team can safely return to play as determined by LCSA.


By following these guidelines, we believe we can once again play soccer in a safe and fun environment.  If these guidelines are not followed LCSA will ask the offending parties to return to their vehicles or leave the complex. Thank you for your cooperation.

Also refer to USYS Guidelines below for an abundance of caution.

Each of the above protocols have been put into place to protect you and your players. Acknowledgement and agreement of these protocols as well as the Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement is required to participate in any LCSA/GLASA events.